I have always loved music but find it a mystery how composers discover melodies in their heads.
Recently, someone asked why and how I write essays, and I had to think about that. Sometimes,
there is a flash of insight while watching a movie or reading a book. I jogged out of the theater
during the end credits for Shrek Forever After to write notes that turned into an essay that night
(‘Reel to Real”).  Sometimes, a quote or a thought roll around in my head for a long time, and
then, other thoughts or memories appear and eventually an essay forms from a string of ideas and
the recognition of a conclusion (“Nothing Good is ever Lost.”) Although the inspirations are
personal, I know the need to ponder, to understand, to heal and grow, are universal. I have
shared essays for over a decade with friends, and I have been struck over the years at how my
experiences have resonated in such personal ways with people in very different life phases.
I got one e-mail from a friend who said that an essay dealing with the
need to remember from
where we have come in order to appreciate where to go was key in her dealing with life after
cancer surgery. She related a conversation she had with a man while waiting for radiation
therapy. He said he didn't want to remember anything, and she replied if he didn't, how could
he understand where he was? Where he wanted to go? For herself, she found an answer.
When she could no longer participate in a beloved sport, she trained others.
She was a wise
woman, and she lived until the moment she died. I hope I learn to do as well.
Enjoy reading… and make your own life path.
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